We are now selling our famous Wafflesaurus Rex's by the dozen and in larger quantities! Choose one flavor or mix and match all of our delicious flavors!

Our Original Wafflesaurs Rex is our best seller! It could be served as a dessert with ice cream but it's not too sweet so it could even be served with scrambled eggs for a savory breakfast treat, or even macaroni and cheese for an adorable lunch! 

Our Chocolate Wafflesaurus is a chocolate waffle infused with chocolate chips. It could be served with ice cream, whipped cream and strawberries, or even mascarpone and raspberries for an elevated jurassic dessert. 

Our Churro Wafflesaurus is a delicious cinnamon waffle coated with cinnamon sugar just like a churro! It could be served with vanilla ice cream and caramel, whipped cream and fresh fruit, or just by itself - it's that good!

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